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Surely you've heard someone once saying, "Happiness comes from little things!" I understand what that means and when we started making cupcakes. The recipe is not complicated, as long as you have the secret ingredient – passion, I have only warmed the oven of this hobby for several years. We've prepared the shapes to bake all the ideas. I have mixed ingredients such as creativity, curiosity, the aroma of love for cooking, the pleasure of savoring the final product and the desire to bring smiles with a single cupcake. I've been hearing about cupcake, muffin and Muffin. We wondered what the difference was and finally we understood: Cupcake: The composition is creamy and fine for mixing butter with sugar first and then add the other ingredients such as eggs, flour, milk Etc. It's decorated with cream, so it's like a smaller cake for a singra person. It can be served as a dessert at home, as well as at various special events. Muffin: Some say it follows the classic recipe of cake or sponge.
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