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At Nenea Iancu is a brewery-restaurant inspired by the spirit of the illustrated dramatist I.L. Caragiale, known less today for his quality as a brewery, although he was greatly appreciated for this activity in his time at the end of the XIX-Th. We chose to take Caragiale's dream further in the course of history by opening this restaurant, with an atmosphere inspired by the interwar period, the highest point that the Romanian society reached in the TWENTIETH century. In the year 2012, when It was 160 years after the birth of I.L. Caragiale, the beer Nenea Iancu was created, a tribute to the illustrated dramatist. The beer was appreciated for its rich taste rendered by the traditional recipe that implies a natural fermentation, respecting the law of the German purity of beer from 1516. In the first year, Nenea Iancu's beer sold in over 1 million pints all over the country. Three years later, in March of 2015, we chose to bring forth our passion for quality beer and good will and we opened the restaurant at Nenea Iancu, where we have the pleasure to have you today guests. We searched an old house in the center of the capital, a few minutes from Unirii Square, to recreate the atmosphere of Bucharest. The house you are in was built in the year 1892 in the Art Nouveau style, being contemporary with I.L. Caragiale and the time when the playwright opened the first beration. The House of Romulus 55, like many other old buildings, has gone through difficult times. The doors were burnt, the stolen gate, the damaged floorboards, the broken roof, perhaps to let the snow and rain intentionally erode the interior. Fortunately, the house was bought in time by a landlord who rescued her after 1990, giving her the elegant look as close as possible to the aesthetic reality Belle Époque. We chose to take Nenea Iancu's dream further and we were both involved in the restoration of the three salons as thought specifically for the joy of spending time with friends and also in promoting cultural heritage, honoing our great Playwright. Guests who pass our threshold are welcomed today with a rich offer comprising more than 40 beers, international, worldwide appreciated for their taste. Many of your proposed beers in the menu are awarded titles such as "The best beer to cancel
str. Romulus, nr. 55, Bucharest, Romania
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10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
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