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The Bruck Café is located in Bruck Palace, one of the most beautiful buildings in Timisoara, built over 100 years ago, in the Art Nouveau and Secession styles, for the owner at the time, pharmacist Salamon Brück. We like people, we like coffee, and from here it was very easy to synthesize a desire to open Bruck Cafe, where things would work on the basis of smiles, love and, of course, coffee, but also wine selections, good food and fine drinks. It energizes our mornings, balances us after afternoons loaded, and in the evening we pamper, sweetening with a creamy cappuccino. Savurosul Stimulant has a history as rich as the taste that consecrated it. The originality of the coffee would be in a region of Ethiopia called Koffe. Today, coffee is produced in more than 50 countries around the globe, the main producer being Brazil, followed by Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia and Mexico. Coffee tasters distinguish between the taste of coffee and acidity, olfactory aroma and the body of coffee. The Aroma of coffee can be described as complex, with the smell of hazelnut, herbal or fruity, smoked or floral. The acidity of coffee is a valued primary sensation, which denotes the quality of a gourmet coffee. So it's a good thing! A coffee with high acidity is described as brisk, with shiny taste, while low acidity makes the taste smoother and smoother. Remaining taste left by a coffee is one of the things that professional tasters use to appreciate and Point the coffee, assessing the intensity and quality of the flavour that remains after the coffee has been swallowed. Therefore Bruck Cafe is the ideal place in the center of Timișoara where you can retreat and penetrate into the fascinating world of this aromatic potions. Give yourself a unique experience with us. We wait for you!
Florimund Mercy,nr 9, Timisoara
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08:00 - 24:00
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