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Located on the premises of Prince Park Residence, in the heart of Bucharest, Il Giardino Segreto Restaurant offers an opening to the Roman Patriarchy park, boasting a picturesque landscape, unique in the center of the capital, with the palace The patriarchy in the background. Open to our guests from abroad, Il Giardino Segreto welcomes you in a warm and refined atmosphere, imbiating you with the flavor and flavors of the Napoletane cuisine. Simple and original ingredients, fruits of the earth and Sea. The fresh, seasonal products are combined wisely, thanks to the exquisite culinary art of our chef, who imbues guests to enjoy the traditional dishes of the ancient Napoletane kitchens, able to satisfy any tastes and demanding: appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, soups, fish-based dishes or meat. The kitchen of Il Giardino Segreto is able to always prop you varied and tasty menus. One of the restaurant's resistance pieces is the winery, which will provide an AMPLA selection, with over 50 labels of Italian, Romanian and international wines. Il Giardino Segreto is open daily, between 07.30 and 22.30, the staff are always at your disposal, ready to provide you with an informed advice on the specialties of a special flavor offered by our kitchen, as well as on Wine that best suits your choice. Culinary. Who we are each of us carries the sign of our own origins, a fingerprint of indelible that distinguish us from each other, but which we also unite. A popular expression, a Sunday lunch in the family, with the savor of the food that brings us back to the thrill of a long time... An intense calling, unapanted... It is the calling of the Earth, of our beloved native fatherland, loaded with flavors, perfumes and imbier allusions, brought by abundance and desfatation of taste, the generous mother... The love for our native country, so beloved but so distant, ignites in us the daily desire to renew those rituals which, by means of simple, original pieces, give a maximum expression to the true Neapolitan spirit. In front of a steaming plate of Paccheri al ragù Napoletano cooked with strictly respect "al dente" you will live the feeling that you are even the heart of the city of Naples; What about a plate of
strada Principatele Unite nr. 38-40, Bucharest, Romania
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