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A fish bar as a declaration of love! Ivan fisherman is a small bird of an almost electric blue, a kind of delta humming, great fish lover, internationally known as Kingfisher. I borrowed his name because Ivan fisherman is not only the only exclusive fish restaurant in Tulcea, but it is a declaration of love for the Danube Delta. It is a project born of friendship and common passion for the tastes and brides of the delta. Ivan Patzaichin, his team developing local gastronomy programs and promoting the intangible Heritage of Deltei, Dan Buhai, a local producer with a successful business in the processing of fish with traditional recipes, together with Sorin Zaharia and Architect Bogdan Mihalca envisioned a cool and trendy Fish Bar, where tradition is reinvented for the 21ST century (with a romgleza within reasonable limits). Ivan Fisherman offers an honest experience based on the quality and freshness of the fish. Our dishes are cooked by respecting the recipes of the place and the periods of prohibition, from fresh, local and seasonal fish, from the responsible catches, because we want to be here on the seafront of Tulcea, a long time from here, and we protect our future sources of Fish. The fish border and the Sturgeon STORECAG will be nelpsite from the daily menu. Reed is culture, because we want to show that it can preserve the tradition without making poaching (the reed is currently protected internationally because of the danger of extinction). Hot hob and frying in oil to pan made with a measure (only for the fried sausage in the malai, which breaks the heart of any fisherman) are basic in our kitchen, in which we only bake for a few ways, such as carp on cabbage. With their experience of longstanding Danube, the project initiators were clearly against the current that sells the story that the secret of the fishing boron would be "Danube water." The secret is in the freshness of the fish ("almost Alive" as Radu Anton Roman said) and in the corn mix of fish species. The fisherman's kitchen is simple and handy. Here, in Tulcea and in the delta. The furnace, blackboard, cedar and oil frying are simple and divine tools, provided you do not complicate them. There's something else: the kiss of the fish is an art that depends everything, even everything! Sitting on the Danube waterfront, the Fish bar Ivan fisherman, along with the center to promote
Strada Gării 28, TulceaTulcea
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