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Top voted venues in Bucharest
February 2020

Are you wondering which restaurants, bars, cafes or pubs are preferred by the locals in Bucharest?

Bucharest - the lively capital of Romania, also known as "Little Paris" offers a huge number of opportunities to discover traditional dishes or to enjoy gastronomic dinners in a wide range of popular or exclusive locations.

To identify the most popular places, we have asked the residents of Bucharest to vote for their favorite restaurant, bar, cafe or pub in town. Thus, in February 2020, 1788 locals voted. Out of 2580 restaurants, bars, cafes or pubs, 467 were acclaimed by them.

Here is the top 10 !

A photo of Nor Sky Casual Restaurant

The highest restaurant in Bucharest. Landmark above the clouds, at 136 metres in the sky.
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Paque Bistro & More-An intimate setting in the center of Bucharest, where you can enjoy delicious food, aromatic coffee and cocktails made with passion.
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Named for its floor number, 18Lounge is created so you can enjoy a refined, tasteful and modern experience at a fair price
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A photo of Linea / Closer To The Moon

We are "Linea/Closer To The Moon" and we deal with the problem of life after work.
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Caru’ cu bere is the perfect restaurant in Bucharest where you can enjoy tradional Romanian food, made from recipes created decades ago, along with the house beer, an unique nad well kept recipe, all of this in a place loaded with history and tradition. Even though Caru’ cu bere is widely known as a symbol of Bucharest, its original founders came from beyond the mountains, in Transylvania. In 1879, on the Calea Victoriei boulevard, there was a beerhouse under the name of La Carul cu Bere (at the beer wagon), ran by transylvanian native Ion Cabasanu. The origin of the name is not a hard guess, as the beer was brought to the beerhouse by horse-driven wagons. More than 100 years have passed over the famous restaurant in Bucharest’s old town, but this doesn’t mean we didn’t keep up with the times. Some things were changed, so that we won’t be considered to rusty, be what we wouldn’t change never and ever is the house beer, which is the exactly the same beer that the founder of Caru’ cu bere brought from Germany to leave as a legacy for the generations to come. But we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves a restaurant if we served only beer, right? Thank God, we have a diverse food menu able to please the most pretentions of people
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A photo of Casa Anca

From the very beginning, Casa Anca Restaurant had the main goal of satisfying customer preferences. Thus, a place has been born where you can feel at home enjoying the chosen dishes or where you can spend your time with friends at a coffee/glass of wine.
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A photo of Casa Oprescu

Opened in 2011 of the desire to revive the old traditional Romanian dishes, to revive the fishermen's fish networks and create a concept of return to the roots, the Oprescu House boasts one of the most beautiful locations.
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A photo of Berăria H

The H brewery or the city with the mood for life is the place where you come to listen to quality music, to see popular artists, both national and international in the framework of unedite and absolutely spectacular shows, to eat delicious dishes and drink different types of beer and alcohol. In other words, it's where you come from when you want to be sure that you have an evening as in stories!
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A photo of WHYS

Hi, at WHYS (Wild Heart Young Soul) you find the most varied range of teas, of a superior quality (100% pure Ceylon). Every day we will greet you with small surprises either sweet/salty and special offers, different from those that can be found In the menu.
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A photo of Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest is located in King Michael I Park, the largest city park in Europe. Our restaurant sits on the shores of Herastrau Lake, and is just a few short steps from the Village Museum and the landmark Triumph Arch, where Bucharest's trendy entertainment district begins. A favorite of both locals and tourists, our cafe combines flavorful dishes with an energetic atmosphere, an awesome memorabilia collection and the best live music to create a truly unique experience.
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The top 10 restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs list is updated monthly based exclusively on the votes from Bucharest inhabitants and is independent of any commercial relationship that could exist between the listed venues and wikoti.
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Top voted venues in Bucharest, February 2020 | wikoti
Top voted venues in Bucharest, February 2020 | wikoti - The locals have voted and chosen their preferred restaurant, bar, cafe, pub in Bucharest! Discover the top 10 restaurants for February 2020.