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Établissements les plus votés à Timisoara
Juillet 2019

En effet Timisoara qui sera la Capitale de la Culture en 2021 a beaucoup à offrir aux visiteurs qui souhaitent se restaurer ou simplement prendre un verre.

Nous avons demandé aux locaux de voter pour leur établissement préféré à Timisoara, en Juillet 2019, 579 ont désigné leur favori et  97 établissements ont été plébiscités.

Voici le top 10 !

Locanda Del Corso is an Italian restaurant located in the central area of Timisoara. The restaurant shows elegance and refinement with its specially designed décor and culinary delicacies. The warm and discreet atmosphere, as well as the selected wines make Locanda Del Corso an ideal place for a business lunch, a romantic dinner or an out with friends. The terrace of the restaurant is located on a pedestrian street, the perfect place to admire the architecture and the beauty of the city on warm summer days. Locanda del Corso is the perfect place where business lunches or dinners with friends become delightful moments, which turn into beautiful memories.
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A photo of The Scotland Yard

The Scotland Yard and the story of the Pig... That's not a story where we pull the cat's tail and split the wire into four. You're not going to hear how the yard name comes from English or French--how they're acting, and we're not going to fight in our chest with bagpipes on the walls and Scottish tradition on the plate. Because we don't! On the one hand, no way we have a garden (say Wahaaat?) and on the other hand, Scotland Yard has nothing to do with Scotland. Not with Sherlock Holmes. No, Scotch whiskey, too. Nothing, I told you! is Scotland because behind us are the three of us Scotishu and Yard because after two, three Spriţuri, anything sounds good. As for the story of the pig, there's no reference to Creangă 's stories. We are even more simple... I wanted a place where they eat well and much. Recipes's on La Swabians, Saxons and the șoncu of the place, Cucumber's acres to get you out of drunkenness, and on the wall, we have a big head of boar to know where your place is... We joke, though the butcher
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Zai après Café is a place with a special story that has been proposing, since 2011, to bring the mountain into the city. Because we are in love with the Alpine zone, winter sports, the freedom that snow brings, and especially the feeling of tranquility after a long day on the slopes, we want to bring this joy to Timisoara as well. So, Zai après Café is the perfect place for a cup of coffee and a Tyrolean lunch at lunch, but also for a glass of wine with friends after a day of work. Find us from the most aromatic teas, the most extravagant cocktails and the finest wines. We want to offer you a comfortable space to come with pleasure, which is why we strive to be in step by season and always create the most beautiful scenery. We expect you to relax in the company of good music and a seasonal drink every day. Check our schedule next door! Zai après café, live piano music, pancakes, burgers, illy coffee, Dammann tea, monbana chocolate, wine, ribs,
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Beraria 700 is a restaurant that offers a wide range of traditional and international food. It is one of the few places where you can enjoy a traditional romanian barbecue. Placed in the central area of the city, the restaurant owns a large terrace perfect for sunny days and hot summer evenings. Relaxed atmosphere, the many assortments of beer, traditional food and irreproachable serving make Beraria 700 a must see for all those visiting the city.
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A photo of KIOSK

We are the kind of KIOSK in which you can come in and make yourself comfortable at the table. It does not matter where, when or how you get the appetite for good, we have everything. People ready to to cook for you and make you feel good, like in your mother at home. We are famous through the area that we have the best burgers, the most delicious ribs, the most trendy and vintage interior design and the best team. We can make parties, business meetings, small events ,birthdays. Would you like to give us a try? If you are tired, without a wind or you just want to laze at home, get on the tablet, we deliver on foodpanda, eucemananc, hipmeniu, glovo. We are friendly! children friendly, pets allowed, vegetarians friendly. You are seduced by a salad, paste, sandwich ... you are in good hands. We're downtown, you find us easy, on Bishop Augustin Pacha Street, No. 2, as start from the Bega store parking lot, right around the corner, before the U-MAN store and across from the former Poly store. You come here, and your tastes we take care of in two strokes and three moves!
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A photo of Pescada

The experience is unique with fresh fishery and marine decoration from Fishermen's tales. Chef D, with a 20-year experience in Mediterranean cuisine, brought on board traditional recipes, learned from genuine fishermen. Experience-fresh fishery delicacies, complete with a rigorous selection of the finest wines and a detached decoration from fishermen's tales.
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A photo of Casa Antinori

La maison Antinori est l’endroit où le talent et la passion pour la gastronomie italienne ont mis leur empreinte dans tous les détails. Si vous êtes à la recherche d’un endroit pour vous laisser conquérir par les charmes de la cuisine italienne à partir du moment où vous avez marché à l’intérieur, puis Casa Antinori est le meilleur choix. Le restaurant a ouvert ses portes à l’été de 2009 et a réussi à créer un espace raffiné, un berceau de la gastronomie italienne à travers l’excellence de sa cuisine et l’atmosphère Toscane. La dévotion aux saveurs de l’Italie se trouve dans les ingrédients frais, une sélection minutieuse de produits apportés de tous les coins du monde pour être habilement préparés et passionnés par notre chef italien. La conduite des accords culinaires s’accompagne d’une large sélection de vins raffinés du monde entier. La maison Antinori crée une atmosphère unique pour tous ceux qui franchis le seuil. La visite de notre restaurant vous portera sur un voyage culinaire dans lequel vous tomberez irrémédiablement amoureux de la saveur et
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A photo of Restaurant Flora

Promoters of good taste.
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A photo of Argentinian Steakhouse

Our story “A place where people come to enjoy life” Argentinian Steakhouse is the only Argentinean restaurant in the west of the country and comes to those who love food, giving them the opportunity to discover South American beef specialties. The quality of the legendary flesh raised in Argentine Pampas, along with the charcoal carefully used by our experienced chefs, will surely turn every visit to our restaurant in an unforgettable experience. Argentinian Steakhouse is the place to enjoy a spectacular meal, where to get back in touch with old friends, meet new people, make business and celebrate beautiful moments with family. Menu “Be Gaucho for one day” Our menu welcomes you with Argentinean specialties such as empanadas and provoleta, fills you with the most tasty beef meat in Argentina and cheers your evening with a genuine and intense Malbec. Our butcher Carlo takes care not to miss the beef ribbon, the bull's diaphragm, the finest muscles, the bone-beater, and the star Tomahawk. Besides large pieces of meat, the cook also cooks vegetarian, fish, poultry and extraordinary desserts. We look forward to spending unforgettable moments in a pleasant environment with excellent food and service at the Argentinian Steakhouse.
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A photo of Restaurant Merlot

When you will visit Merlot, you will be welcomed by an elegant ambience with great taste and attention to detail. Our menu is inspired by Mediterranean, containing dishes of Italian and French cuisine. All the ingredients have been carefully chosen because we only wanted fresh raw materials and very good quality. Pasta, sauces, syrups, sweets, all are made "in the House" and contain no artificial ingredients. A wide list of international and local wines, well-made, will complement a quality menu with a quality wine. Atmosphere is completed by live music, played on the piano and the little details like candles or natural flowers come to fill the painting. For a special event in your life or when organizing a business dinner, the Merlot restaurant is the location of the fine dining that will not disappoint you.
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Le top 10 des restaurants, bars, cafés, pubs préférés des habitants de Timisoara est exclusivement basé sur les votes des locaux et est totalement indépendant d’une possible relation commerciale entre wikoti et les établissements plébiscités par les votants.
Nous vous invitons également à consulter notre sélection des meilleurs restaurants, bars, cafés, pubs à Timisoara.

Établissements les plus votés à Timisoara, Juillet 2019 | wikoti
Établissements les plus votés à Timisoara, Juillet 2019 | wikoti - Les locaux ont voté et choisi le meilleur restaurant, bar, café, pub pour Juillet 2019 à Timisoara. Découvre le top 10!