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Why wikoti?

Finds the best match between your preferences and the spots nearby.

Are you looking for an Italian restaurant with terrace, group friendly for a lunch between friends?
wikoti will list all locations nearby and will recommend you the one who best matches with your preferences, mood and context, you will be able to book and get directions.


Define your requirements and rank the results as you wish (relevance, price, rating, distance, preferences).
The smart search offers unlimited and personalized search capabilities.
Just tell wikoti what you are looking for: an Italian restaurant with terrace, a bar serving caipirinha, a place nearby to listen to live music and drink a glass of rosé… wikoti will find it.
If you’re hesitating , take a look at the video of the place, discover la carte, the today’s special… Read what customers like you said about the place.

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Because you are unique, and we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, because your expectations are different when you are in a business trip, with your partner or with friends, wikoti does its best to find places that match your preferences and current context.
Get reviews from people like you, who share the same preferences and expectations as you in a similar situation. We are developing a context-aware recommendation engine to find the best match between your preferences and available offers nearby.
Rank the results of your search by relevance, distance, rating, price, or get personalized recommendations.

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Be the first to know when your favorite restaurant offers last minute free seats, when your favorite bar starts the happy hours...
Stay-tuned with your preferences (e.g. Vietnamese food, Cassoulet, live jazz…) and always get related opportunities wherever you go.
You create and manage your own channels to hear opportunities from your favorites or from restaurants, bars, clubs nearby in tune with your preferences, wherever you go. You keep the full control: turning channels on and off, setting for how long a channel will remain open: no more spam, no more ads, no more intrusive and irrelevant notifications…

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You didn’t manage to decide where to go, you want to discover something new or a hot spot: shake your phone and wikoti will suggest you where to go now and nearby.
Shake your phone once and get a special suggestion about a place you have never been, shake it twice and get a suggestion from hot spots today nearby
Break your habits and become an urban explorer.

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To use the app you don’t have to register or tell us who you are, wikoti really cares about your privacy: it was designed with GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) at the core!
No sign-up, no login required, you don’t have to share identity, email address, gender or any personal data. We collect only the data required to deliver the features you request from wikoti. You can request us a temporary anonymous ID if you wish to use the app from multiple devices or save your environment before you change your phone.

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Search, find, contact or book, get directions, review, rate, and share the places you have discovered, the place you are in or the one you plan to go!
With wikoti smart search and wikoti recommendations you are sure to find the perfect match with your preferences and current expectations, here and now.
Then, wikoti enables you to book or contact the venue, and to reach it (by walking, using public transportation or cab…). You can share with your friends the spots you have discovered and enjoyed, you can provide feedback about your experience through short reviews and ratings. We plan to add the option to pay with your smartphone in the short future.

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wikoti in action

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