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A photo of Timisoara
Best cafes in Timisoara
updated March 2021

Ready to take the title of “European Capital of Culture” in 2021, Timisoara is being known as the “City of flowers” or “The little Vienna” and the birthplace of the 1989 Romanian Revolution.

It is Romanian’s third biggest city.
The best way to explore the city is by foot. You can admire its stunning architecture and beautiful buildings and you can also find great places to drink or to eat local and international products, at every step.
In the city centre, a pedestrian area, you will find rooftop restaurants, cozy coffee shops and bakeries, charming terraces, friendly people and popular bars, pubs and clubs.

You will enjoy traditional food, daily menu, local drinks or a fine dining experience. Timisoara is full of venues serving delicious food and drinks from all over the world.
During the day, the atmosphere in the city is pleasant and quiet. Then, the nightlife becomes diverse, warm and vibrant.
Timisoara, counts more than 70 cafes, the possibilities are endless…

wikoti helps you find the prefect restaurant, bar, café, pub based on your mood and preferences.

Vintage Caffe
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A photo of Cafeneaua Verde

Cafeneaua Verde is located in the heart of Timisoara, in the Freedom square. Our mission is to make the day of those who cross our threshold more Serene. We propose to do this by offering them a relaxed atmosphere, delicious cuisine and a smile for each customer. Cafeneaua Verde is not just a bar, as there is no restaurant. Because we want to offer the best of each, without losing our charm, we remain a "café", or if you want, a small bistro, where you can either enjoy a coffee or a Lunch. At the green coffee shop we want to make sure we are a pleasant company at any time of the day. That's why our menu was thought to cover as many culinary preferences as possible, whether it's a breakfast, lunch or dinner. This menu is of course complemented by the beverage menu, which offers a wide range of coffee, tea, fresh or alcoholic beverages. And because we like the company and we want you to join at all times of the day, Cafeneaua Verde is happy to be a regular host for various concerts and other events. We especially love good music and we want to be part of our MENU. We're waiting for you to cross our threshold!
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A photo of ZONE café bar & bistro

It’s not just a bar, it’s a destination!
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A photo of Ovride Specialty Coffee

Small Coffee Shop in the Center of Timisoara A place for coffee lovers and coffee lovers to be with espresso based recipes, alternative methods, hot drinks and coffee from carefully selected places in Latin America and Africa.
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A photo of Cofetaria Montecatini

Montecatini Confectionery located on the premises of UBC 1 building, awaits you with a rich assortment of cakes and pastries!
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A photo of Loolish Gaming

The largest internet café in Timisoara, 66 PCs, almost 100 games, minibar, the ideal place to quench your gaming thirst!
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A photo of Viniloteca

Viniloteca is that hidden place in Timișoara (away from the downtown buzz, but with a feel of being right in the middle of things) where everybody's family, where music complements coffee & craft beer and where the artists and musicians meet. We wish to support & encourage the musical movement in Timișoara, bring the people closer to today’s music pressed on vinyl, to the local craft beer’s emerging blast and to a great cup of coffee.
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A photo of Piticafe

We opened the first specialty café, with playground in Timisoara. It's a place where childhood has priority, and parents are invited to relax.
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A photo of Moara cu cafea

"You know what you drink from your cup!" Moara cu Cafea is a convent of specialty coffee, where you can taste the origins of coffee in the world and where you can purchase freshly roasted grains and to enjoy coffee in the comfort of your home. Moara cu Cafea was born of passion for people, for curiosity to discover flavors, from the desire to "try something new". The coffee mill was born out of passion for coffee of origin, truly good, from natural and safe sources. And when you need a moment of breathing or an outing with a friend, we invite you to cross our threshold and feel at home
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A photo of Atelier Beeroteka

One place, one hundred beers.
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This selection of cafes is updated monthly, and relies on wikoti user’s feed-back, cafe popularity and novelty. This selection of cafes is totally independent of any commercial relationship that could exist between the cafes and wikoti.
Best cafes in Timisoara, updated March 2021 | wikoti
Best cafes in Timisoara, updated March 2021 | wikoti - According locals and travelers out of 70 in Timisoara