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A photo of Timisoara
Meilleurs boulangeries à Timisoara
mise à jour Septembre 2019

Timisoara sera la Capitale Européenne de la Culture en 2021 ; surnommée ‘la ville des fleurs’ ou ‘la petite Vienne de l'Europe de l'Est’, c’est aussi le berceau de la révolution roumaine de 1989.

La meilleure manière d'explorer la troisième ville de Roumanie est de la parcourir à pied. Le centre piéton révèle une architecture époustouflante, des bâtiments magnifiques et offre à chaque coin de rue l’opportunité de déguster une cuisine locale et internationale dans des lieux authentiques, traditionnels ou très modernes. Dans le centre-ville, vous trouverez des restaurants roof top, de sympathiques cafés et boulangeries, de charmantes terrasses, et des bars, des pubs et des clubs très fréquentés.
Vous pourrez apprécier une cuisine traditionnelle, un menu du jour, des boissons locales ou une expérience gastronomique. Timisoara regorge de lieux servant des plats délicieux et des boissons du monde entier.
Pendant la journée, l'atmosphère dans la ville est agréable et calme. Ensuite, la vie nocturne s’anime toujours chaleureuse et dynamique. Timisoara compte plus de 47 boulangeries, les possibilités sont infinies

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A photo of Garage Café

Coffee Roastery, artisanal food & sweets, Timisoara, Romania. You can find our coffee shop near Unirii Square. Garage is the only coffee Prăjitorie in Timisoara. Homemade sweets fully prepared in our kitchen and coffee of origin.
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A photo of Garage Bakery

Bread with wild Maia and homemade sweets. We'll open soon!
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A photo of The Cupcake Shop

Cupcake Shop
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A photo of The Fit Baker

No sugar. No flour. No margarine and bad fats. From the Fit Baker you can take your daily sweet portion in a healthy, tasty and nourishing!
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A photo of Senneville Unirii

Senneville is presented to you after more than 20 years of activity. From 1993 until today, we went from a classic family business to a spectacular appearance and products to measure! How? Through refurbishment (2007) and Rebranding (2014). Since 2015, Senneville successfully develops the premium-accessible concept, alongside the sub-brand Senneville DulceDulce, and offers an extensive public segment of bakery, pastry and confectionery to high standards. #concept Creative and fascinating design #wide range of high quality products #professional staff, experienced #chef pastry/master chocolatier with 12 years of experience in France #products are introduced very quickly on the market, due to local production
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A photo of Lala's Sweets

In a world of fairy tales, the houses are made of gingerbread and norișori of sugar wool. Why wouldn't our reality be a little more... sweetened? It is said that life is measured in the number of memorable moments that we live. Well... in our reality, we propose another unit of measure: that of the sweet moments. Lala's sweets was born out of a desire to bring a little magic in the special moments of our lives. We are always prepared to offer you an escapade in a slightly sweeter reality. Our key ingredients are the quality and creativity with which we combine flavours and tastes to everyone's liking.
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A photo of Cofetăria Verona

Verona is one of the places where tradition gives a special taste to cakes. Come to... We serve you sweet...
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A photo of Cofetaria Trandafirul Timisoara

The story of the Trandafirul began in 1899 and continues at present, keeping its essence and values untained. From love for the sweets, we use natural ingredients and perfected recipes over time to offer you delicious products, which you will remember for a long time from consuming. Whether you want traditional cakes, famous on the Timișoara market, or modern cakes that surprise you, our rich offer satisfies any preference in terms of sweetness.
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A photo of Cofetarie artizanala

The place in which the authentic taste and perfect, natural ingredients and the skill of some passionate confectioners give birth to the most delicious desserts.
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A photo of MissCake

We create true works of edible art for various occasions, including weddings, christenings, birthday parties and corporate events. Our confectioners are the true masters of artisans who by passion and attention to detail will guarantee that the final product will not only amaze just by appearance but also by taste. Our customers receive free consultancy and tasting when they choose their cake to make sure that the end result is exactly as they dreamed. When it comes to quality, we don't compromise. All our products are made of natural, fresh ingredients, without preservatives or other synthetic additions. And we pride ourselves on it. Sweets prepared by our masters are based on homemade recipes, which guarantees authentic taste, similiar of childhood cakes. You will surely rediscover the taste of quality sweets, prepared with passion, but which always contain the most precious ingredient: love.
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Meilleurs boulangeries à Timisoara, mise à jour Septembre 2019 | wikoti
Meilleurs boulangeries à Timisoara, mise à jour Septembre 2019 | wikoti - Selon l'opinion des locaux et voyageurs, sur un total de 47 à Timisoara