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A photo of Timisoara
Best pubs in Timisoara
updated December 2021

Ready to take the title of “European Capital of Culture” in 2021, Timisoara is being known as the “City of flowers” or “The little Vienna” and the birthplace of the 1989 Romanian Revolution.

It is Romanian’s third biggest city.
The best way to explore the city is by foot. You can admire its stunning architecture and beautiful buildings and you can also find great places to drink or to eat local and international products, at every step.
In the city centre, a pedestrian area, you will find rooftop restaurants, cozy coffee shops and bakeries, charming terraces, friendly people and popular bars, pubs and clubs.

You will enjoy traditional food, daily menu, local drinks or a fine dining experience. Timisoara is full of venues serving delicious food and drinks from all over the world.
During the day, the atmosphere in the city is pleasant and quiet. Then, the nightlife becomes diverse, warm and vibrant.
Timisoara, counts more than 28 pubs, the possibilities are endless…

wikoti helps you find the prefect restaurant, bar, café, pub based on your mood and preferences.

One of the best pubs in Timisoara: 80's atmosphere, weekly live concerts, more than 100 types of beers and a lovely venue. One of the best pubs in Timisoara: 80's atmosphere, weekly live concerts, more than 100 types of beers and a lovely venue.
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The fun defines the word ' Bugard ' very tasty food and, last but not least, a very wide range of bottle & draught beers.
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A photo of The Irish PUBlic House

The Pub is the people's Parliament (Oscar Wilde) The term "public house" refers to a place of assembly, socialization of people. Sipping a fine drink, or tasting traditional Irlanedze cuisine, you can reminisce memories here, discuss recent events, daily occurrences, listening to the highest quality music. We strive to reproduce for you the entire friendly, exuberant atmosphere of the traditional Irish Pub. Come try the atmosphere of Ireland near your home! We are situated in a very convenient location in the centre of Timisoara, one minute away from Unirii Square. The place where u meet your fiends. Good Music and great food
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A photo of Like Pub Timisoara

The story Like Pub is written by people who come every day. It is the story of smiles, joy, dance, music, contagious energy, tasty food and cold beer. Our story is written with every evening of karaoke, with every successful party, every night of BeerPong, with every burger eaten at the Burgers Eaters contest or with every beer drunk in the competition of the most dashed beer drinker. The story Like Pub is written with each game of table football or darts won or lost, with each score guessed during the broadcast of a football game, with each summer day in the hammock, in the cradle or at the tables at the shadow of our terrace. The story Like Pub is the story of young and beautiful 'likers'. If you want to be part of our story, you can find us on the Lasier Catargiu Street. 2 (student complex), with tasty food, very cool staff, party likers, board games and more, good music and super atmosphere.
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A photo of Manufactura
A photo of The Scotland Yard

for... Hunks, Chunks and Drunks!
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A photo of Charlie's Pub

Charlie's Pub is inspired by London's pubs, with an atmosphere close to the western trend. The Fada light, the design of the bar and the music give a tint to the location Lounge. Charlie's Pub is one of the places where you can come to serve one of the meals of the day, you can watch a match, listen to live music or relax by reading a newspaper in front of a delicious coffee! Here the qualified staff welcomes you with warmth and good sense. The culture in Charlie's Pub is manifested in one form or another through evenings of live music, classical, jazz, pop or folk, but also entertainment evenings! Located on the ground floor of Hotel Lido, str. Joseph Bubbly, No. 20, Charlie ' SPub is inspired by London pubs, with an atmosphere close to the western trend
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A photo of Grătarul cu ștaif

Burgers, ribs, hot wings, onion rings... and the list continues. We're in touch with food and relaxation. Join us for amazing culinary experiences and a friendly atmosphere.
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Best pubs in Timisoara, updated December 2021 | wikoti
Best pubs in Timisoara, updated December 2021 | wikoti - According locals and travelers out of 28 in Timisoara