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A photo of Timisoara
Best restaurants in Timisoara
updated May 2024

Ready to take the title of “European Capital of Culture” in 2021, Timisoara is being known as the “City of flowers” or “The little Vienna” and the birthplace of the 1989 Romanian Revolution.

It is Romanian’s third biggest city.
The best way to explore the city is by foot. You can admire its stunning architecture and beautiful buildings and you can also find great places to drink or to eat local and international products, at every step.
In the city centre, a pedestrian area, you will find rooftop restaurants, cozy coffee shops and bakeries, charming terraces, friendly people and popular bars, pubs and clubs.

You will enjoy traditional food, daily menu, local drinks or a fine dining experience. Timisoara is full of venues serving delicious food and drinks from all over the world.
During the day, the atmosphere in the city is pleasant and quiet. Then, the nightlife becomes diverse, warm and vibrant.
Timisoara, counts more than 42 restaurants, the possibilities are endless…

wikoti helps you find the prefect restaurant, bar, café, pub based on your mood and preferences.

Zai après Café is a place with a special story that has been proposing, since 2011, to bring the mountain into the city. Because we are in love with the Alpine zone, winter sports, the freedom that snow brings, and especially the feeling of tranquility after a long day on the slopes, we want to bring this joy to Timisoara as well. So, Zai après Café is the perfect place for a cup of coffee and a Tyrolean lunch at lunch, but also for a glass of wine with friends after a day of work. Find us from the most aromatic teas, the most extravagant cocktails, and the finest wines.
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Locanda Del Corso is an Italian restaurant located in the central area of Timisoara. The restaurant shows elegance and refinement with its specially designed décor and culinary delicacies. The warm and discreet atmosphere, as well as the selected wines make Locanda Del Corso an ideal place for a business lunch, a romantic dinner or an out with friends. The terrace of the restaurant is located on a pedestrian street, the perfect place to admire the architecture and the beauty of the city on warm summer days. Locanda del Corso is the perfect place where business lunches or dinners with friends become delightful moments, which turn into beautiful memories.
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Restaurant with traditional Romanian, Serbian and international cuisine.
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A photo of Sky Rooftop • Restaurant

The highest Rooftop Restaurant in Timisoara offers a unique view and a rich, carefully selected menu for all tastes. From the 6th floor the world seems smaller, and the taste of our dishes exceeds any height.
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A photo of Vinto Gastro Wine Bar

VINTO is a Restaurant, Wine Bar & Wine Shop in which we aim to travel through the fascinating world of wine along with an unforgettable culinary experience. Inspired by nature and wine, we chose to draw this place with natural materials, but also to cook in tandem with the 4 seasons and inspired by the culinary culture of the wine regions. From the culinary point of view, we meet you with an a la carte menu and together with our sommelier, with a Wine & Food Pairing menu. Our concept is based on gastronomic socialization or “sharing” as it is called in other countries, so, we suggest that you order differently but taste together. We have a wine menu with over 230 labels and 50 of them are waiting for you by the glass. 🍷 There is much to say about us, but we are waiting for you to tell us about you at the Vinto Wine Bar
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A photo of Berărescu

Meet Berărescu. We didn't invent the beer, but we guarantee our beer has the best taste. Be ready to be amazed!
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A photo of Restaurant Tinecz

Tinecz Restaurant, 20 years in Timisoara. Romanian Restaurant, Tinecz was established in the year 1996, as a family business, belonging to the Martinecz.
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A photo of Restaurant Gloria Timisoara

We hear too often that refinement is a luxury, that delicacies are expensive, that good taste and nice living are the preserve of the lives of the wealthy. Opaque opinions that rise like a wall between us and the desires, the delights, the joys that can make our lives more poor. The Gloria restaurant in Timisoara is prepared to demolish with savory arguments all these prejudices in an irresistible plea for civilization, Comesenie Citadina and Urban Gastonomie. The unique flavour of the international and traditional Romanian cuisine can be found in the restaurant Gloria.
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A photo of Rivière Brasserie

În centrul orașului, însă departe de agitație. Pe malul Begăi, însă nu în aglomerație. Pe terasă, însă una răcoroasă, prietenoasă, gustoasă. Suntem acolo unde trebuie și suntem buni! Suntem Riviere! Mănânci bine, te simți bine!
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A photo of Restaurant Dinar

The atmosphere of yesteryear, full of tradition, in the Balkan Area, you can now find it in Timisoara, at Dinar Restaurant! We have proposed that the guests who cross our threshold to have an authentic experience, specific to the place, and to be left with a special memory! Dinar Restaurant Timisoara together with Etno Kuca Dinar from Vrsac bring for the first time in Romania the traditional Balkan recipes and dishes awarded by Global Trade Leader's Club - International Hotel & Restaurant. It is about the title Quality Award, the award of excellence awarded for the quality of products and services at the gala in Madrid on January 27, 2014.Cu respect for history and out of love for tradition, we bring back for you, here in Timisoara, a corner of the good times, in the traditional Balkan spirit. Arranged in a style that emphasizes the simple beauty of the objects used in times long gone, Dinar Restaurant Timisoara envelops you with peace and warmth, from the moment you step on our threshold. Here, our greatest joy is to have you as guests and to please you. That's why, in addition to the intimate and peaceful atmosphere, we have prepared for you a special culinary experience." Dishes from good times" are waiting for you at Dinar Restaurant!
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Best restaurants in Timisoara, updated May 2024 | wikoti
Best restaurants in Timisoara, updated May 2024 | wikoti - According locals and travelers out of 42 in Timisoara