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A photo of Timisoara
Meilleurs restaurants à Timisoara
mise à jour Décembre 2021

Timisoara sera la Capitale Européenne de la Culture en 2021 ; surnommée ‘la ville des fleurs’ ou ‘la petite Vienne de l'Europe de l'Est’, c’est aussi le berceau de la révolution roumaine de 1989.

La meilleure manière d'explorer la troisième ville de Roumanie est de la parcourir à pied. Le centre piéton révèle une architecture époustouflante, des bâtiments magnifiques et offre à chaque coin de rue l’opportunité de déguster une cuisine locale et internationale dans des lieux authentiques, traditionnels ou très modernes. Dans le centre-ville, vous trouverez des restaurants roof top, de sympathiques cafés et boulangeries, de charmantes terrasses, et des bars, des pubs et des clubs très fréquentés.
Vous pourrez apprécier une cuisine traditionnelle, un menu du jour, des boissons locales ou une expérience gastronomique. Timisoara regorge de lieux servant des plats délicieux et des boissons du monde entier.
Pendant la journée, l'atmosphère dans la ville est agréable et calme. Ensuite, la vie nocturne s’anime toujours chaleureuse et dynamique. Timisoara compte plus de 228 restaurants, les possibilités sont infinies

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Beraria 700 is a restaurant that offers a wide range of traditional and international food. It is one of the few places where you can enjoy a traditional romanian barbecue. Placed in the central area of the city, the restaurant owns a large terrace perfect for sunny days and hot summer evenings. Relaxed atmosphere, the many assortments of beer, traditional food and irreproachable serving make Beraria 700 a must see for all those visiting the city.
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Every story has a taste. "When the Industrial Revolution takes place among the artisans and passions of the 19th century, all that remains is to lift your ambitions and set the wheel of creation on the move. In the end, you will be the one to revolutionize time, space and senses! " AnRa The story of Anre is the revolution of a free Spirit, in which the only constant is the present, and the time, above all, a measure of change, an uninterrupted, irreversible flow that can only flow in one Direction – in Thyme!
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Biofresh is a vegetarian restaurant, structured in two categories: vegan (with cooked dishes) and raw VEGAN (with raw dishes) we listened to your desires and decided to return to the central area of Timisoara. We sat in a special place, right on the street of Francesco Griselini, in the immediate vicinity of the Bega shopping centre (more specifically near the rose confectionery). We split into two teams, we found new apprentices, and that's how we made two Biofresher restaurants. We made our new fresh and welcoming site for any of you and brought bufniţucile. We've made some changes in the menu but we rely on the same health principles and put the same passion into everything we do. We have carefully browsed the menu and chosen our best and most famous preparations. We've decided to break up the raw cooked dishes in two different menus that make them even more conspicuous. The showcase looks better than ever to show off the beautifully prepared cakes. Every day we expect you with a different menu of the day and with an unprecedented menu of the raw day. The meals are beautifully cooked, the juicer is turned, the hotplates are on, the cakes and we are anxious to welcome you with everything we know to do better.
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Let's get to know each other! Have you ever wondered what a bistro is? "A little café, a little restaurant? It is the synthesis of all provinces and all migrations for the dream of a better world! "
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Restaurant with traditional Romanian, Serbian and international cuisine.
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A photo of Casa Antinori

La maison Antinori est l’endroit où le talent et la passion pour la gastronomie italienne ont mis leur empreinte dans tous les détails. Si vous êtes à la recherche d’un endroit pour vous laisser conquérir par les charmes de la cuisine italienne à partir du moment où vous avez marché à l’intérieur, puis Casa Antinori est le meilleur choix. Le restaurant a ouvert ses portes à l’été de 2009 et a réussi à créer un espace raffiné, un berceau de la gastronomie italienne à travers l’excellence de sa cuisine et l’atmosphère Toscane. La dévotion aux saveurs de l’Italie se trouve dans les ingrédients frais, une sélection minutieuse de produits apportés de tous les coins du monde pour être habilement préparés et passionnés par notre chef italien. La conduite des accords culinaires s’accompagne d’une large sélection de vins raffinés du monde entier. La maison Antinori crée une atmosphère unique pour tous ceux qui franchis le seuil. La visite de notre restaurant vous portera sur un voyage culinaire dans lequel vous tomberez irrémédiablement amoureux de la saveur et
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Locanda Del Corso is an Italian restaurant located in the central area of Timisoara. The restaurant shows elegance and refinement with its specially designed décor and culinary delicacies. The warm and discreet atmosphere, as well as the selected wines make Locanda Del Corso an ideal place for a business lunch, a romantic dinner or an out with friends. The terrace of the restaurant is located on a pedestrian street, the perfect place to admire the architecture and the beauty of the city on warm summer days. Locanda del Corso is the perfect place where business lunches or dinners with friends become delightful moments, which turn into beautiful memories.
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A photo of Pepper - Steak&Shake

The best place to make some memories! Good food, great drinks, amazing atmoshpere.
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A photo of La Calul Alb

Situated in the historic city centre of Timișoara, our restaurant is the environment where local fresh ingredients, the creativity of our staff and the architecture of the plate undergo perfect symbiosis. The team of the La Calul Alb Restaurant identifies with the following defining elements: professionalism, dedication and love for gastronomy and quality ingredients. The result of our work is a cuisine combining the savour of dishes from various areas of Banat, with accents of contemporary cuisine, which supports a healthy lifestyle. Our culinary approach is modern, free, creative, with highly quality ingredients closely selected from our suppliers. We believe in the genuine taste of small series, of freshly picked vegetables and fruits from small gardens. Therefore, we support the work of those who still love their land. We have relied from the very beginning on small local farmers and we are growing, day by day, with them. Thank you for having visited us and we hope you enjoy the culinary experience! Best regards, La Calul Alb Team
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A photo of OLD HOUSE Timisoara

The story of the house old House a nobleman from ancient times devised a plan of a house, but failed to carry out the mission to the very end. That's when he left the secret chef's recipes to the followers. Years later, his followers found the blueprints, followed them and built the Old House. Old House is a place full of mystery, like a mirage that reveals itself to you... Once you're in you won't want to go out because you're being given anything you can want. The house, nine for you but old in essence, will welcome you and the next time because you will surely return! Restaurant, Pizzeria, Cofee Bar
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Meilleurs restaurants à Timisoara, mise à jour Décembre 2021 | wikoti
Meilleurs restaurants à Timisoara, mise à jour Décembre 2021 | wikoti - Selon l'opinion des locaux et voyageurs, sur un total de 228 à Timisoara